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Development and production of ultralight sport aircraft focuses on unit production with maximum focus on the customer and his/her requirements.


19th of September 2017

Owner of UFM11 Lambada won the Hellenic CUP 2017 in Greece.



11-9-17 LBGL 082u

11-9-17 LBGL 098u


27th of July 2017

We handed UFM13 Lambáda to customer from Poland.

Photo Krzysiek Pawlak

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20th of December 2016

pf2017en pro web

24th June 2016

Samba XXL for customer from Czech republic.


Photo by customer

11th April 2016

We handed to the customer Samba XXL. 

Aircraft will be operated in Belgium.



14th March 2016

New dealer for France.


3rd March 2016

Catalogue of Samba XXL spare parts was added.


16th February 2016

Two D13/15 Sundancer´s after test flight.

Aircrafts will be operated in the USA.

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30th June 2015

New section bazaar. Now you can see Diamond DA20 Katana for sale.


30th January 2015

We handed to the customer Samba XXL with new design of the decals.

We wish him happy flights!

dsc 0305dis


25th January 2015

In section "spare parts" you can download the catalogue of the spare parts for Lambada aircraft.

Prices demand at your dealers, please.


Spare parts

Supplemented by a list of distributors for demands of the foreign customers.

Coming soon spare parts catalogue for Lambada aircraft!


Towing gliders:

Aircraft Samba XXL fulfil requirements for towing gliders up to 600kg.

Actualized Type certificate you can find in "download".

P1150433 vlek


Information for our partners:

On days 9. - 12th of April you can find us on AERO EXPO Friedrichshafen.

Hall B3

Stand 101

We are looking forward to seeing you.

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