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Mechanical production focuses mostly on duplicate production of joint cutters and assembly of gasoline generators.

Concrete Grinder DISTAR BB 25

DISTAR Concrete grinder is designed for grinding of flat concrete surfaces. For grinding, it is possible to use appropriate tools suitable for grinding of concrete surfaces of various quality and various level of erosion, and also for grinding of terraces and natural stone tiles. DISTAR Concrete grinder BB 25 is a successor of BB 25 machine made by Vymyslicky comp. Because of this fact we are able to offer also servising and spare parts for all of those machines.



Advantages of the machine

  • adjustable axle via motion screw
  • possibility to turn the wheels into extreme positions – while grinding the edges
  • split additional weight (lead) allows to adjust needed pressure on the tool
  • movable tool cover allows safe covering of tools and efficient dust exhaust


DISTAR Concrete Grinder

Engine electric engine 4 AP 112M
- engine power (kW/k) 4,0 / 5,3
- rotation speed 2900 min
- engine weight 40 kg
- engine protection short-circuit, thermal, under-voltage
- level of protection IP 55
Working rotation speed of grinding cup wheel 1360 min-1
Ø Grinding cup wheel diameter 250 mm 
Working size 1250x540x1000 mm (LxWxH)
Transport size 930x540x750 cm (LxWxH)
Weight without lead 145 kg
Lead weight 50 kg