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Mechanical production focuses mostly on duplicate production of joint cutters and assembly of gasoline generators.

DISTAR Joint Cutters

Professional DISTAR joint cutters with internal-combustion engines are designed for cutting asphalt, asphalt-concrete and concrete surfaces to the depth of 120 – 190mm (according to the particular type). The engines used in DISTAR joint cutters are DISTAR HG, Honda GX or Subaru Robin. There is also a possibility to build in an engine by another manufacturer or a diesel engine to the order of a customer.


maximální hloubka řezu 120 mm

doporučený Ø řezného kotouče 350 mm

maximální hloubka řezu 140 mm

doporučený Ø řezného kotouče 400 mm


maximální hloubka řezu 170 mm

doporučený Ø řezného kotouče 450 mm